I have been a full-time photographer since 2014!

I have 2 littles: Rj & Nirvana. (Yes, like the band. More like the meaning :))

They are my whole entire world. I LOVE music and concerts. I LOVE SCHITTS CREEK. Oh, did I mention concerts?! 

I have always been outgoing and love to make people smile, so being behind the camera is all for me!

There is something about capturing those moments, memories, and milestones that serves an indescribable purpose. I aim for perfection, and sometimes it is being imperfect. I am all about comfort, your comfort, as well as mine, so we will work as a team to capture the moment & create art.  I strive to capture the realness and love of your family and children. Expect lots of jokes and smiles during our session.  usually leave gaining a couple friends by the end.