Photography Courses

Get Kara’d away has decided to branch out and share our knowledge!  

Kara has over 10 years of teaching college courses and over 7 years of photography experience. Kara has been teaching photography and Photoshop courses at Bellevue University for the past 5 years.

Each course includes snacks and refreshments, handouts if applicable and access to a private facebook page where you can ask questions and get feedback on  your photos from other members and us! 

Here are the courses we are currently offering. Click on the course to find out more about it! 


Teach me how to use my camera!

Want to take clear photos at a basketball game? How about nature photos, or photos of a product you sell?  This course will teach you everything you need to know to get off of the auto mode and learn how to shoot in any setting! 


Teach me how to take pictures of my kids! Photoshoot with your kids included! 

We will teach you what you need to know to get off of your auto settings, use studio lighting and learn about posing those kiddos! You will also get up to 2 hours in the studio with your kids to use our lights, backdrop and props and do your own photoshoot using the skills you learned! 


Photography for kids!

Designed for kids 8-12 who want to learn a little more about photography. We will go on a nature walk and take some fun photos too! Kids will get a photography badge and completion certificate. 

Photoshop - How do I edit these photos???

A basic photoshop course that will teach you all of the basics (and a few advanced features for those who can handle it) of how to edit your photos.