Hello! The photo shoot is scheduled to get your home on the market. Here are some tips to help you get your home ready, so it photographs at its best and hopefully sells quickly! 

When you’re walking through your home, one thing to keep in mind, I usually shoot standing in a corner, facing the windows. So try standing there in each room and see how it looks. Can you see clutter? If so, move it. If you’re short on time (before the photography shoot) clutter will show more than dust or dirty windows. So for this shoot focus most on clutter! 


                    Get all knickknacks, fans, blankets, remote controls, toys, etc. out of site. NOT under your bed. We can usually still see there in photos. Unless you have an extraordinary closest that will be photographed, that is a better place to store things for the shoot. 

                    Other clutter to consider - magnets and papers on your fridge, clutter on dressers and night stands, chargers, bathroom counters (toothbrushes, brushes, loofahs), dirty dishes. Also remove ALL signs of a pet (Their bowls, toys, etc.)

                    Make sure ALL beds are made! Close all toilet lids and pick up all rugs! Getting rid of the rugs will make your room look larger.  


                    The view of the front of your listing is very important. It’s generally the first photo on the listing. Pull weeds, trim overgrown shrubs and low-hanging tree branches. Rake and/or mow the lawn. Put away garden hoses. Hide the garbage cans, yard tools, dead plants, empty pots and any other yard clutter. 

                    Move all vehicles out of the driveway, and preferably not directly in front of your house. 


                    Before we arrive, turn on every single light in the house, including lamps, don't forget the surface lights on your stove and under your cupboards. If any lights are burned out, replace them with new bulbs.

                    Open all curtains and blinds. If the view is not great, we will blow it out with lighting, you still want to showcase the window.  Turn off the ceiling fans though.


These are just a few tips, your real estate agent will have plenty more!
 I look forward to seeing you soon!