Teach me how to use my camera! 



In this course you will learn the basic manual settings of your camera. You will learn how to adjust your settings for anything you want to shoot! 

You will learn: 

White Balance
Shutter Speed 


This course will be hands on. We will take photos in different lighting conditions and learn to adjust for any condition. 

Participants will need a DSLR camera and SD card. You are welcome to bring multiple lenses.  Participants should have basic knowledge of your camera (How to turn it on, take a picture, view your picture on auto settings)

Course must have 4 participants to be held and will be capped at 10 participants 
Course will be 2 hours in length and located at our studio in downtown Council Bluffs
You will have access to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions and ask for constructive feedback on your photos from other participants (and us)