Welcome to Studio J! Home of Get Kara'd away photography. As well as being the home of Get Kara'd away, we rent the studio out to other photographers. So if you're an amateur, a professional or a Mom wanting to take her own kiddos pictures, Studio J has options for you! Located in downtown Council Bluffs. The surroundings are as equally pretty, so you have the option to take both indoor and awesome outdoor photos. Call Kara at 402-660-1015 or email [email protected] to schedule your tour of the studio. 

If you're a photographer wanting to book the studio, CLICK HERE for the booking calendar 

The outside view of the studio. We are located right on Main St. Bayliss Park is less than 2 blocks away. There are many cool buildings and alleys for an array of places to shoot outside. 

During the day there is an abundance of natural light!

Lots of natural lightLots of natural light and doors that open up to let fresh air in when it's nice outside

We have a chalkboard wall and lots of vinyl backdrops

We have several muslin backdrops for large family photoshoots

We have lots of headbands, outfits, wraps and props for newborns and babies

Our prop room

The Client meeting area

We have a giant box for Box Photography. If you don't know what this is, google it. Lots of fun! 

Our boudoir room. Also fun for lifestyle family shoots


Please contact us with any questions! We look forward to your photo shoot at the studio!